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EPISODE 12: Choose a Lifestyle over Death-style

KHOU-11 Houston reported Fifty percent of persons who died from COVID 19 in Houston, Texas were diagnosed with diabetes. It is reported by the Houston Health Department that 13.5 % or 311,118 of 2,304,580 Houstonians’ have diabetes. If the risk factors related to diabetes are Obesity and Overweight; Hypertension; High Cholesterol; and Cigarette Smoking according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (Office of Minority Health), why is there not more emphasis on lifestyle changes rather than vaccine mandates?


Fear is the NO.1 enemy of the Black community. On the day Shaka Sankofa (aka Gary Graham) was executed (June 22, 2000), I was the last person to speak to him in his holding cell on Death Row in Huntsville, Texas. He told me something I will never forget, “Brother Muhammad, death is a compliment to life. They make it something to fear so that they can control us. Non-cooperation with evil is an obligation. To be an effective leader you must be willing to pay the price.”

EPISODE 10: Discipline Key to Success

ONE BLACKMAN’S OPINION: Discipline, Steadfast, Focus, Perseverance, “staying on our grind,” and being organized will determine our level of success. Join the Justice Or Else Local Organizing Committee weekly meeting held every Thursday @ 7:00 CST pm by Zoom Conference. Here is an update with the log-in info. Click to start or join a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Episode 9: Quitting is not an option

Won’t Stop Wednesday: There is NOTHING more powerful than a made-up mind! Up you mighty nation, you can accomplish what you will!


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